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Is your player not getting the FULL look they deserve at tryouts, in an environment that exactly imitates their on-field ability?

When players are are mis-identified it's because they don't have the time, proper curriculum, or a top-tier environment to make an impact on the coaches that matter.

Scroll to see how the SBV Pre-Tryout Camp pencils in players before tryouts to ensure the best team fit and a clear mind going into Tryout weekend ⬇️

This Camp Has Limited Availability to Maintain a Personalized Coaching Experience. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then It's Still Available, But The Clock Is Ticking.

Read This Before 

Going ANY Further

Sporting Blue Valley Pre-Tryout Camp is a 4-day camp for all U8-U19 players (premier and non-premier) centered around three things:

1. Giving your player FOUR extra days in front of the decision making coaches they'll be trying out under the next weekend.

2. Allowing your player to get a feel for the tryout environment and hone their skills over the 4-day session under coaches in their age group that they might not get to learn from any other time.

3. Providing an oasis of soccer for your player over summer break. We get asked all the time to open up a program in the summer, and this is the best program we've put together so far to beat the heat and continue player development.

What Makes This Camp Different?

The Pre-Tryout Camp curriculum was crafted by our USSF-Licensed directors to create the MOST effective style of training and technique as possible over a four-day session.

National Champion coach Shawn Forcellini developed something called the "SBV Hyper Scout Method." More detail in the next section!

If You Register Your Player Today for the Pre-Tryout Camp, You'll Get:

- FREE Exclusive Camp T-Shirt

- FREE Sporting BV Camp Ball

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...


It's how we're able to identify and mentally pencil players in before tryouts even begin:

The Pre-Tryout Camp curriculum was hand crafted by our USSF-Licensed directors to create the MOST effective style of training and technique as possible over a four-day session.
Coach Shawn Forcellini and his staff developed something called the 

"SBV Hyper Scout Method 2.0" which 
A) takes our players through a season's worth of training and technique (the 20% of instruction that makes up 80% of the results) over 4 days, and 
B) provides the best windows of opportunity for our coaches to see what our players are really like during in-game situations.

Not forcing them to rely on big mixed scrimmages or depending on the other players in the group being at their same level to truly show their skill, like other camps.

By the way...


SBV Pre-Tryout Camp is NOT an additional tryout, but the format, decision-making coaches who will be there, and structure is remarkably similar.

Instead of only having 1.5hours-2hours in front of our decision-makers, the Hyper-Scout 2.0 curriculum gives you FOUR DAYS in front of the coaches who will decide where your player ends up next year.

So not only does it make it easier on our coaches, but it clears the "Tryout-Stress" before the weekend even begins.

Because our coaches can verbally pencil you in for a spot on one of our teams, so you aren't in the dark about where you might end up.

Not an additional tryout, just a way to get in front of our decision-making coaches before the rush starts on Tryout weekend.

(And, if you're trapped by your club's tryout time - the SBV Pre-Tryout Camp is a great way to be potentially identified by our coaches without missing your current club's Tryout day.)

That's Awesome But....


First, if your player played with us last season, they won't be back at square one. All the development they experienced over the last Fall, Winter, and Spring will be communicated by their 23-24 coach with their potential new coaches.

On-field play at Pre-Tryout Camp is the next step to our evaluation system.

The curriculum Coach Shawn Forcellini and his staff put together for this Pre-Tryout Camp allows for "windows" of play that mirror real-life gameplay. Different than a scrimmage or small-sided games, these windows allow our coaches to scout how your player would perform in REAL GAME SITUATIONS.

This is the most effective and accurate evaluation system we've ever created, because it allows your player to play to the best of their ability, and not get placed incorrectly just because the evaluation system was too subjective.

That happens far too often with camps that don't have a curriculum or are too small to accurately portray real gameplay, but we've found the solution in our numbers and with Coach Forcellini's system.

In addition to evaluation from the coaches on the field, our evaluators and analysts will be monitoring the fields of the age groups they have teams in from the sidelines.

They'll use past knowledge about the player and referrals from the on-field coaches, but because of how our home-field SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex is structured, our coaches don't have to go far to monitor multiple fields at a time with a close look at each player.

They'll also make their way on-field to talk to players, introduce themselves, discuss team options, and start mentally penciling in your players name for tryouts.

Who Is Teaching the Curriculum?


20+ Decision-Making Coaches, 150+ Years of Experience, Countless Accolades...All Providing A Personalized Coaching Experience

Shawn Forcellini

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​U8-U12 Boys Director
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2014

Tom Mura

  • 3 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​U8-U12 Girls Director
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2007

Chris Katterhenry

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2012

Richard Davies

  • 3 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​SBV Coaching Director
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2012

Steven Davies

  • 3 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​U13-U15 Girls Director
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2012

Mark Smith

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2004

Matt Brewer

  • 5 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2007

Gareth Hughes

  • 3 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​U13-U19 Boys Director
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2012

Allen Kelne

  • 5 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2019

Camilo Benitez

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2020

Sam Brewer

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2022

Hailey Lacroix

  • 5 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2020

Justin Langer

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2021

Jason Paepke

  • 5 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2004

Andres Sainz

  • 2 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2021

Bailey Sesler

  • 1 SBV Premier Team
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2022

Gabe Thompson

  • 4 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2007

Peter Harrison

  • 2 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2012

Ramin Esfandiary

  • 3 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2011

Christian Arriaga

  • 3 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2021

Kevin Sloan

  • 2 SBV Premier Teams
  • ​Been with SBV Since 2012

...SO FAR!

We'll be adding coaches as they confirm availability for you. Coaches will be on the fields to coach, evaluate, analyze, or all three!

Times, Dates, & Location:

  • 4-Day Session, 90 Minutes Per Day

  • U8-U10 Age Group: June 3-6 // 10-11:30 AM

  • U11-U12 Age Group: June 3-6 // 12-1:30 PM

  • U13-U19 Age Group: June 3-6 // 8-9:30 AM

  • LOCATION: SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex // 13700 Switzer Rd, Overland Park KS, 66221

Here's what you get:

If You Register Today, You Get:

  • Get an extra FOUR DAYS in front of the same decision-making coaches that will be at tryouts the following weekend.
  • ​​A personalized feel for our tryout environment and the ability to hone your player's skills under coaches in their age group they might not get to learn from at any other time.
  • Personal access to the best program we've put together so far to beat the summer heat and continue to develop our players.
  • An hour and a half daily in a world-class facility with some of the best coaches in the Midwest.
  • ​FREE Exclusive Camp T-Shirt
  • ​FREE Sporting BV Camp Ball

For All Players SBV & Non-SBV...


All players are welcome!

Even if your player isn't an SBV Premier Player OR you aren't a part of our club, this camp is still for you.

The Pre-Tryout Camp is for both players currently on a Sporting Blue Valley Premier team AND those looking to join a Sporting Blue Valley Premier team.

This is the best way to get a personalized look from our Premier coaches before the pressure and chaos of tryouts set in.

All the decision making coaches in your player's age group will be there to identify, train, and work with our players in a cool, calm, and relaxed setting.

This is the most personalized way to be identified before tryouts, and keep our players busy for almost a full week this summer.

Our Favorite part? You can play with friends!

When your child is playing with players he or she knows, there's zero pressure - which means they'll be playing at the best of their ability in front of the coaches that matter.

The best part about SPORTING Blue Valley is our size. We have close to 10,000 players across our programs which means we've always got enough players to fill a camp, team, or small group.

We don't have to pull strangers together to form a group of players that spans multiple age groups just to fill our spots.

This allows our players the ability to play with kids in their age group, kids at their level, and players on their team.

AKA...the players they play best with.

Because when they're grouped with players they feel comfortable around, a weight is lifted off their shoulders, and they can play to the very best of their ability without having to develop year's worth of team chemistry in just a few hours.

They know the other players, they can easily match their playing styles, and they can REALLY put on a good performance in front of the coaches that matter.

This Is Why Players That Do Pre-Tryout Camp Have an Advantage Before Tryouts Even Begin!

When your player has been playing to the best of their ability, with other players they know, in an open environment like Pre-Tryout Camp, our coaches are able to see them at their very best.

They aren't confined to a 90-minute window with players they might not know.

They're allowed the freedom and space to show what they've got in front of the coaches that will make a decision on their future.

This allows our coaches to place them properly and make sure the season goes smoothly for both you and the team.

NOTE: Players will be grouped with their teammates & players they know FIRST. We will try out very best to keep everyone together, but we still have to follow US Soccer Premier-level birth year rules. Your player and his/her friends must be the same birth year to be grouped together.


The difference between Sporting Blue Valley's Pre-Tryout Camp and other Pre-Tryout Camps is...

Level of Coaching Expertise & Ability

We have over 40 coaches on our Premier rosters, and a vast majority of these coaches (especially top team coaches) will be out watching, training, and instructing your player on a more personal level than any other camp.

Our coaches have a combined 150+ years of coaching expertise, and they're using it to not only develop your player over the four day session, they're using their ability to see the game like a pro to give your player a PROPER identification.

Quality of Curriculum

Our work doesn't stop when you register, in fact it BEGINS when you register. Our coaches have carefully crafted the perfect sequence of drills, training, and small-sided games to bring out the best in every player regardless of skill level.

Pre-Tryout Camps are usually a tricky task because we aren't just making your player better, we're giving them the perfect windows to be identified. It's one thing to train, it's another to develop training sessions that show game-level style of play and chemistry with other players.

The Pre-Tryout Camp this year was developed by 2022 KS Competitive Coach of the Year, reigning National Champion, and Boys U8-U12 director Shawn Forcellini AND Coach Tom Mura, our girls U8-U12 director, a President's Cup National Champ who holds both a USSF B-License and a USSF Grassroots certification.

Ability to Play With People You Know & Not Strangers

SPORTING Blue Valley is a big club. We have over 10,000 players registered across programs, and 2,000 in our Premier program alone. No matter what age or gender bracket you fall into, we're going to have space for you AND you can play with your friends. We don't have to string together a hodge podge of players from different age and gender brackets just to fill a player pool. With this abundance, we're able to place players together who request it. You don't have to play alone.

*As long as we have enough coaching availability to maintain a personalized experience. If this page is up, it means we have room for you and your friends.*

The Facility

SPORTING Blue Valley is the main tenant at the SCHEELS Overland Park Soccer Complex. Our headquarters are here, and we've got first pick for any fields we'd like. All SBV Premier teams practice at the SCHEELS OP Soccer Complex.

With this first draw comes the ability for your player to be seen by ALL coaches. Instead of just hearing about a player over text, the coach can just walk a few feet down to the field your player is on and watch them personally. This is a huge advantage to any players who want to get a look before tryouts!

Personalized Notes For Your Player

What's the best way to know how closely we look at your player? A personalized note from our coaches!

Instead of just being another player on the field, you'll know for a fact our coaches were evaluating your player to the fullest extent possible when he/she brings home a personalized note on the last day of camp.

The Club

SPORTING Blue Valley is the pinnacle of Midwest soccer. With over 56 teams on our boys side and 51 teams on our girls side, our teams attend and do excellent in almost every local tournament, league, and showcase.

We were selected by US Youth Soccer as a pioneer club for their National Elite64 program, our girls side is one of 10 top-tier Midwest ECNL clubs this year and two of our six age groups are top five in their division, and our boys U19 Academy team won Nationals last year.

The achievements are there, but what really matters is what we can do for your player.

Our boys side is the ONLY club in Overland Park with a direct link to the Sporting KC Academy. Our top boys teams are given a look on a monthly basis by the SKC Academy team, and we have a personal relationship with their staff.

There is a clear and defined pathway between SBV and SKC, at any age level.

Our girls side contains both Showcase and ECNL teams. When your player is old enough to be identified for a college offer, our coaches make it their mission to get you and your daughter in front of the right coaches at the right times.

Our ECNL ladies play across the USA, and our Showcase teams play in a more confined travel setting at local showcases.

Sporting Blue Valley is a Non-Profit Organization!

Instead of being a for-profit organization that benefits a few individuals, we're what's called a "Charitable Organization" meaning we don't put on programs to benefit any certain individual, but all our assets are dedicated to a charitable cause: YOU!

Our T.E.A.M.Soccer Program for special needs players is free because of this, & SBV Scholarship Fund is able to help those who wouldn't otherwise be able to play soccer, get on our fields and play with our teams.

DON't just take it from us!

Here's what the community has to say...

Now What? How Do I Register?

All SBV Registration Is Done Online. Use the Button Below to Create an Account or Log In. If You Have Questions, We Wrote Out All The Steps.

1. Click the button above to open up our Registration page.

2. Click "Log In" if you have an account with us OR "Create Account" if you're new or not sure.

3. Type in your information until you get to the main dashboard.

4. Click the blue "Available Programs" button next to your player's name.

5. Select the "2024 Pre-Tryout Camp"

(If you're having issues selecting it on mobile, try turning your phone sideways or try on a desktop/tablet)

6. After you've selected it, scroll to the bottom and click "Skip," "Continue," or "Next Player" (depending on your account) to be taken to the next page.

7. Answer the registration questions and let us know about your player so we can accommodate him/her properly and provide the right size camp shirt & ball.

8. Click the blue button at the bottom right to be taken to the payment page, where you can pay and submit your order.

9. Be on the lookout for an email from Julie (our camps director) for your next steps and any updates.

We'll see you at the SCHEELS OP Complex on June 3rd!

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